Photo by Logan Clement

Photo by Logan Clement

Hi, I'm Mark. I'm a Philadelphia native now living on Boston's North Shore. I love to travel though - so don't let location stop you from reaching out! The best way to get to know me would be for us to get together for a cup of coffee, but until we get a chance to do that, I hope you get a sense of what I'm about through the words below and in images you've seen here.

Weddings tend to show off all of their colors in moments. I know the story is there, all the beauty and drama, all the characters and details. I've learned to trust the day, to see the story, and tell it beautifully.

I consider it such a privilege to have made a career out of documenting these moments. If you decide to work with me you can do so knowing that I will feel so lucky that I get to be a part of telling your love story. Whether our journey takes us somewhere far away or just to your own backyard, I want to capture the truest versions of you.

My work is something that I take very seriously, but I promise I’m not too serious of a person. You be you. I’ll be me. If that sounds good to you then let’s talk more! Shoot me an email and we’ll set up a time to chat. 

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