Lake Placid Photo Workshop


I’m excited to share that I’ve been asked to teach at a wonderful photography workshop hosted by Triple Peak Photography Retreats that will be happening June 11-14 in the Adirondack Mountains of Lake Placid, NY. I’m honored to be teaching alongside such a talented group of photographers, and I can’t wait for the campfire hangs and mountaintop views. I’ll be giving a talk on building a purpose-driven brand and will also be helping to instruct during several gorgeous live shoots amidst some of the best scenery the Adirondacks have to offer! We’ll be hanging in some rustic cabins and meals will be provided by a private chef. Good views, good food, good people, good time. I hope to see you there! Click HERE to reserve your spot by March 17th and you’ll save $200 bucks off the full ticket price!


I'm going to be teaching alongside an incredible panel of photographers, and together we'll be covering a wide variety of topics ranging from practical workflow skills to marketing for your ideal clients. I'm personally excited to be speaking on brand development, and the importance of solidifying a clear understanding of purpose early in your journey as a photographer.

Live Shoots.jpg

Melody (the host) and her team have organized some beautiful live shoots right in the heart of the Adirondacks. I'll join the other teachers in showing you how we approach photographing couples in order to capture the most honest connection we can.


The Adirondacks provide some of the most beautiful scenery to be had in North America, and there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy this incredible landscape. We'll be staying in rustic cabins close to Lake Placid, and the cost of accommodations and food will be covered by your ticket price.


Melody has carefully designed this workshop to function not only as a time of learning, but also as a time for rest. In an industry that can often be saturated with competition, she has crafted a retreat specifically designed to foster community and shared experience. I'm excited to be a part of it!